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Yes this post is pretty much a test as I have joined the several people who have recently created a back up plan to LJ's silly 'updates'...

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise. Back in the day I started several stories and have failed to complete/update them. I am hoping that enough people might be indeed interested to see them go on and in the next few weeks I plan to update.

Secondly as you can see in my previous post I have also found a new love and that be sherlock. I may also start posting some fics that I have felt the need to write in this fandom but I will see how things go.

If any of you still wish to see my stories go further then please let me know.


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I really, really want to update my stories but I am awaiting the arrival of my new router/modem... Have one on order which was supposed to arrive 3 days ago but there are some problems...Recently  I have been using my Ipod touch to post/comment etc. But through this method I am unable to update stories this way as they are not on my ipod... I'm hoping to begin to update new chapters by the end of the month!

Hope you guys don't hate me that much! :(

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Oct. 25th, 2009 09:09 pm
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 As I am off college for the next week I should be posting on a more regular basis.  At the moment I try and post on a Saturday and Sunday then one day mid week (wed or thurs) but in this holiday I am hoping to add more chapters to 'Us against the World' and 'Love can never be Forgotten').

So if anyone as any thoughts and opinions on any of the stories then let me know here :)

Thanks for reading (fics that is :) ) 


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