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Back in 2008 me and some art class peers decided to draw some rough cartoon strips of what we might like to see in Torchwood or what we thought might be funny...   Most Jack/Ianto

Here's what we came up with :)

^ This one is my favourite! :)
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A while back I donated one of my Jack/Ianto pictures to the shrine and today I saw the photos from  [livejournal.com profile] msjaybee and found that my picture was indeed there :)

Picture donated :)

Bottom right :)

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Not many but I think it's a brilliant film (even with the low budget) and the relationship shown between Holmes and Watson is fantastically played! 
GDL is brilliant as usual!

Please leave a comment and credit if used :) 

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Another photoshop creation :)

Let me know what you think...

P.S: I will actually be updating Stories this week! hoooraahh!! Having computer issues :O

Click for Larger Wallpaper :)
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So....been gone for a few weeks now as ive have no internet and no working computer *grumbles at the uselessness of AOL* anyway while i have been away ive been writing which im hoping to post tomorrow....So as a way of apology I come bearing a picture i made while i was trying to fix my internet :)

Sorry for being away for so long :)

Please credit if used :)
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Just something that I made in photoshop...Let me know what you think :)

Click for larger image :)
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Finally came through!! WOOP

From the comic con :)

BTW will be updating tomoz :)
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and yeah there is a picture of me and Gareth but it is still yet to some through the post :(

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 Hi  again!!!

I was really bored in ICT as most websites (including livejournal) are filtered.
So anyway i was looking around for interesting stuff when i came across this south park studio where you can make characters and i had to have ago at making the torchwood characters. 
I dont like the tosh one for the record but they didnt have the correct features.
The mic on jacks head was the closest thing i got to a com.
(dont blame me if there rubish) :D  Let me know if you would like to use them :D


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