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A while back I donated one of my Jack/Ianto pictures to the shrine and today I saw the photos from  [livejournal.com profile] msjaybee and found that my picture was indeed there :)

Picture donated :)

Bottom right :)

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Not many but I think it's a brilliant film (even with the low budget) and the relationship shown between Holmes and Watson is fantastically played! 
GDL is brilliant as usual!

Please leave a comment and credit if used :) 

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Since I've been using twitter alot more for the SIJ campaign and so on I thought It was about time I created a background so here they are...

This was the one I started with.  Pretty bland but it has everyone I love on it (Gareth, David, Matt, Kai, Tom and John)

This is my favourite out of the 2.  As you can see the Doctor who items are the same as the first but I adder the old DW font to the side and the Dalek (cause everyone loves them *sort of) then on the other side I changed them to the best sci-fi couple in the world (Jack/Ianto) and added the logo and the word Torchwood :)

And this is a screen shot too show what the finished product looked like :)  

And this is after I played around with the colours :)

Tbh Im rather proud of my creation but feel free to let me know what you think :) And feel free to follow me on Twitter: @nuttynaomi123 
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If you check out http://www.vimeo.com/ they upload Girl Number 9 1 hour early each night at 8pm:D  Just type in Girl Number 9 in the searchbox at the top :)

BTW will be updating fics on sunday :)

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No Spoilers but OMG that was the best 4 minutes of TV since before they killed Ianto off!


Gareth David - Lloyd was fantastic and was rather funny in the programme!

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Finally came through!! WOOP

From the comic con :)

BTW will be updating tomoz :)
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and yeah there is a picture of me and Gareth but it is still yet to some through the post :(

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 Here is the Trailer for the new Mini series Gareth David - Lloyd...In my opinion I think it looks epic!

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So I went to the Wales Comic Con Today and Yes there was a Q+A...I did film it all and will be posting that at a later date...Anyway, Ive come to share some of my finding throughout the day.

1. I asked Gareth ( for the 4th time) If he will come back to Torchwood and he said "I will try my best" and "I will talk to the writers"...I still hold hope :L

2. In the Q+A session with Gareth, Katy Wix and Kai Owen someone asked why Jack was so distant with Ianto in the Early days of Children of Earth and why he kept saying stuff like he doesnt like the term 'Couple'...Gareth said "I believe the Idea was that Jack was finally facing fact that he was falling in love with Ianto and didnt want to admit to himself because he has loved and lost so much in the past" *SQUEE*

3. Gareth told a after hours story...He told us that after the episode Countryside he and the rest of the cast went to the pub...Gareth got drunk and walked into a Bell that was hanging from the ceiling (which made everyone laugh) the collapsed because of the ringing...Apparently he has visited this pub again and they have raised the bell just for him...

I will be posting a write up at a later date so keep a look out.... :)

Pictures: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=108525&id=637272083 Feel free to add me...


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