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Back in 2008 me and some art class peers decided to draw some rough cartoon strips of what we might like to see in Torchwood or what we thought might be funny...   Most Jack/Ianto

Here's what we came up with :)

^ This one is my favourite! :)
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Title: Together Forever 
Rating: Pg 15
Characters/Pairings:Jack/Ianto (Mentions of the Doctor)
Spoilers:Doctor who: Army of ghosts/Doomsday     
                Torchwood:Exit wounds
Warnings: Suicide (but not for long.)
Summary: Jack thought for once that maybe his time was up.


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Since I've been using twitter alot more for the SIJ campaign and so on I thought It was about time I created a background so here they are...

This was the one I started with.  Pretty bland but it has everyone I love on it (Gareth, David, Matt, Kai, Tom and John)

This is my favourite out of the 2.  As you can see the Doctor who items are the same as the first but I adder the old DW font to the side and the Dalek (cause everyone loves them *sort of) then on the other side I changed them to the best sci-fi couple in the world (Jack/Ianto) and added the logo and the word Torchwood :)

And this is a screen shot too show what the finished product looked like :)  

And this is after I played around with the colours :)

Tbh Im rather proud of my creation but feel free to let me know what you think :) And feel free to follow me on Twitter: @nuttynaomi123 
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Another photoshop creation :)

Let me know what you think...

P.S: I will actually be updating Stories this week! hoooraahh!! Having computer issues :O

Click for Larger Wallpaper :)


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