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Title: Together Forever 
Rating: Pg 15
Characters/Pairings:Jack/Ianto (Mentions of the Doctor)
Spoilers:Doctor who: Army of ghosts/Doomsday     
                Torchwood:Exit wounds
Warnings: Suicide (but not for long.)
Summary: Jack thought for once that maybe his time was up.



After a century of being immortal there was just one thing that Jack wanted to do. 


For years Torchwood One was working on a way to kill a Timelord dead.  In some ways Jack supposes that they are immortal as long as they limit their deaths.   But just as they found a way to kill one the tower fell and burnt.  The Daleks and the Cybermen had done too much damage for the Doctor to fix.  The whole inside of the tower was destroyed.

Three days after the devastation and the 27 survivors were pulled from the wreckage a troop of UNIT officers were sent to claim any alien equipment or artefacts as theirs or torchwood threes.

As UNIT had Jack in record as being one of the Doctors many companions over time he was responsible for keeping the work on the doctor safe in the archives.  There wasn’t that much information on him apart from odd files about different times and places he was spotted when he decided to make a stop on earth.  There was just one other item, a black box.  Jack knew what was in it but thought nothing of it and put it down in the archives.



After Owens and Toshiko’s deaths in some ways Jack was jealous of them.  They had been sent to the darkness, one place Jack wished he could reach.

While jack was so deep in thought he failed to realise that Ianto was standing in the door way to his office.

“I’m going back to the flat to pick up some clothes so I can keep you company for a few nights, i was just wondering if you want me to pick up some food on the way back?”

Jack looked up and smiled replying “Thanks” to tired to say anything else.

And with that Ianto turned around and left.  As soon as he heard the cog door roll closed he leapt of his feet and down to the archives.  Once there he found what he was looking for fairly quickly and ran back up to his office.

He sat down behind the desk and opened up the black box and took out the syringe type gun and inserted the four liquids.  Once it was set up he opened up the top draw to his desk and took out the sealed envelope with Ianto’s name on it and placed it at the end of the desk.

Once he took one more look at the hub then he pick up the syringe and injected it into his arm.

After several more minutes of sitting there the world went black.


Ianto picked up the bag of food and strolled down to the hub.  Once there he flicked of the main lights and made his way to Jacks office.

Once at the door way he dropped the bag and ran over to Jacks side.  He checked for a pulse but there was nothing.  He was comforting himself thinking about how he would be back in a matter of minutes but then he saw the syringe on the desk with the empty liquid cartridges and a envelop with his name on it.

He leant across the desk, picked up the envelop and read it.

Dear Ianto,

                  After a life as long as mine you start to get tired of everything, not just physically tired but mentally to. That was until you came along in you tight Jeans and T-shirt.  From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were something special and still are.  You make me feel more alive than anything in the entire world. 

It took me so long to realise that I couldn’t keep hiding away my feelings that I felt for you.  I was so scared because everything I love dies so I kept telling myself that the sex was just for comfort and nothing more.  But that was back before I left with the doctor and I had so much time to think about us.  That’s when I realised that I needed you more than anything.

Anyway I guess you know what I’ve done seen as though you have probably seen the equipment before at Torchwood one.  It’s meant for Timelords, to kill them permanently but I thought I would give it a try.  I’ve wanted to die for so long and none of this is down to you or about you.  If I could tell myself to do this once you were gone then I would but I know I would change my mind by then.

Ianto read the last lines out loud as if it was Jack that was saying those Cherished words to him “I love you with every inch of my heart, body and soul and I hope you never forget that. “

Ianto was so lost with words and emoticons he failed to realise that Jack had lifted his head of the desk and was looking directly at Ianto.  The both read the last words out together.

“More love that you could ever imagine.  Jack”

Ianto then clung to the letter and collapsed to the floor in a heap of tears.  Jack wondered to his side and hugged him.  At first Ianto was shocked but after seconds he just fell in to the embrace.

“I guess I am impossible” Jack recalled the doctor telling him that.  “I just thought after all these years it could finally work, that the curse could finally be lifted.”

“I’m so sorry Ianto”

“It’s ok I understand but its going to take a while for things to be normal again”.  Ianto replied still with tears running down his face.

“I know and I never meant to put you through reading that if I knew I was going to come back but I meant every word when I told you that I love you more than anything.”

“And I love you too more than anything that’s why I want you to get in touch with the doctor and if you won’t I will when you’re not looking.”


“Because I don’t want you to be alone for any longer.  I want you to have someone with you for Eternity and because I want him to make me immortal.”

“Ianto, it’s the worst thing in the world and you will feel more alone than ever and....” he was cut off by Ianto.

“and you and I won’t be alone ever again because we will be together forever.”

“Would you do that for me?”

“Yes because like you said I love with my heart, body and soul.”

“We will call him tomorrow.  But for now let’s go to bed”.

They both got up and went down to Jack’s quarters.  In a matter minutes of getting into the bed Ianto was fast asleep.  Jack lay there for a few minutes think about how tomorrow he will never be alone again.


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