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Fic Title: All the Small Things  - Ianto's POV
Author: nuttynaomi123
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood. If I did Ianto would still be alive.
Summary: It’s all the small thing that each day, make me love him just that little bit more.


Normal posting on other stories will commence within the next few days.  All technical problems have been resolved.

When he stands at the window looking down at me, he makes me feel like the only person in the world.  His gaze. The gaze from which I could get lost in, have got lost in.  He stands there all broad and tall, crossed arms.  Never blinking just watching as a move around trying to get on with whatever jobs I have to do.  The first time he did this was just after the Lisa incident.  He and Gwen stood in the boardroom looking down on him with pitying eyes.  But now, now those eyes hold nothing but warmth and dare he say it; love.   Some times its hard to keep working feeling his eyes following his every movement and on those times a quickly make my way down to the kitchen, make a mug of coffee and slowly make my way up to his office.


I love the moments when I take him his coffee.  Each time something different happens.  Sometimes we can just sit there and talk about reports or other goings on within the hub other times things can get more heated.  But no matter what we do, it makes each day and each death they see seem just that little easier.  Before I leave his office I always lean forward and brush my lips against his tasting the coffee he finished drinking moments before.  We exchange ideas of what we’re doing later I the evenings before I make my way back down stairs and thinking about the next moment I get him to myself.


Whenever he sends the team home early it’s never because of the reason everyone on the team thinks it is.  This is when I get to see the side of him that only I can see.  Others see him as a fearless leader but with me, he lets his guard down.  Most nights when were alone we take a leisurely stroll around the bay.  We’ll always be touching each other in some way.  Sometimes we hold hands and wrap our arms around each other’s waist other times if he is feeling more playful he’ll pop his hand into the back pocket of my jeans.  Of course I would be wearing the jeans by request.  After walking around the bay we slowly make our way back to my apartment.  Jack has always said to me that he loves to spend time there.  I once asked him why and he just said that this is the only time he truly feels at home. 


Another habit I had to question him about was why he chose to stand at the bay window overlooking the city.   He never looks down on the city but he looks up towards the sky.  No matter what the weather is.  Once in the night I woke up and found myself alone.  Thinking he had gone back to the hub I pulled the covers closer but then I heard a sniffle and knew where he was.  Pulling the top cover from the bed I made my way into the living room and found him sitting by the window looking up at the clear night sky with tears glistening in his eyes. I know he belongs up there among the stars and if he ever had to go I would let him.  Kneeling behind him I wrapped the cover around us both, pulled him into my arms and whispered “Your home now” before pulling him back into the bed room and proceeded to make him forget all that makes him so sad.


People wouldn’t take Jack Harkness as the cuddly type of man.  But after making love he always pulls me into his arms and I feel so safe.  I would stay in his arms all day if I could.  He has a leg thrown over my own pinning me to the bed.  His head resting on my shoulder and his arm across my hips with his hand resting on my crotch.  Yes, that’s Jack Harkness.  Ever the possessive.


It’s all the small thing that each day, make me love him just that little bit more. Little habits which he can either not help or just loves to do. Just small insignificant things that make my stomach flutter or my pulse quicken. Sometimes people notice then other times there in far more intimate moments to notice them.  But no matter what they are or when they happen there’s only one thing that runs through my mind; “I love that man”


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